Saturday, November 24, 2007

field trip

Shannon and I went on a little field trip today. We were out painting windows, and a girl stopped to chat and said there was an artist that had done a shopping center near where she lived that was so extraordinarily adorable. She went on and on and on about the characters, and the colors and the cuteness of this whole shopping center.
We've seen many styles of window art, but this description was intriguing, so we had to see it. We backtracked on our route about 15 minutes and found this: I'm not sure what it is, but the poor marshmallow topped thing has her feet facing forward, and her head (?) facing backwards.
We were howling when we saw it. A restaurant employee was out in front so we asked her about the windows . She replies "Aren't they great? This man was amazing! You should see inside the mall too!"
Here is what we saw inside the mall:
We were in such shock that so many people were loving this that we started asking around - who painted it? what does he charge for this size? has he done your windows before? Then someone handed us his phone number thinking we also wanted him to do some painting. (Note: Shannon and I were both covered with red, green, and white holiday paint. No one seemed to notice that maybe we, too, were painters)
Shannon called the artist and got his wife on the phone - we wanted to get a price quote.
"Gee wilikers - he's not here. He is BIIIZZZYYY right now. My Golly - why, he's got a whole lot of painting to do!" Just hearing Shannon repeat that conversation in her pitch perfect mocking tone . . . I couldn't stop laughing.
We unfortunately couldn't get a price out of her, and the girl at the restaurant didn't know what they paid for it, either.
This little excursion extended our day by 45 minutes, but the laugh factor was worth the extra time.

Here is what we painted today:

Closing note: Just in case you can't tell the difference between our work and the showcased artist of the day, you are not allowed to comment.

Closing note #2: Shannon challenged me to post each and every photo she took today. As I review what was on my camera, I respectfully decline.


Shando said...

Well, well, well...why did you choose to not post the photo of your butt? Hum, sometimes your such a party pooper! Maybe a new game: I 'll add random photos to the camera every day and you will be required to tell me where we were or recall something specific about the photo. Does that seem more fun than identify the painters butt?

No joke, I had a bad dream last night about the marshmallow head girl. She got run over by the mail truck that just delivered the mail. Ponder that one for a while!

rachel said...

What IS that?!

Your work is FAR more superior. Some people just are completely unaware of what true beauty is. Its disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean that decorated WWII vet who just woke up from a 15 year coma and has a glass eye and one arm who paints holiday windows to raise money for aides orphans in Africa? I read an article about him once. I think Hallmark is picking him up next.

Cynthia said...

All right, now make me feel bad for having fun at someone else's expense. Go figure - I'd make fun of the one armed vet.
Stay tuned next week for tactless and insulting stories of the orphans too.

Suzanne Barker said...

What is wrong with these people? That looks like something I might have done before I even took my classes!
You guys rock!