Sunday, November 4, 2007

birthday date

Dave has taken the kids on a birthday date each year. Well, it's called a birthday date, but it's never on their birthday. It is just an outing that happens sometime between one birthday and the next. He used to let the kids choose their destination, but after he ended up at "Castles and Coasters" year after year, child after child, he finally took control of the program and ended the repititious roller-coaster routine.

Melanie and Dave had a 'fancy' date many years ago - formal dress, dinner at the Compass Restaurant, a stroll around downtown and a movie.
Brady and Dave have hiked up Picacho Peak and hiked down to Havasupai. They brought back fantastic photos. It's amazing that Arizona has a place that resembles Hawaii - waterfalls, lagoons, lush greenery.

Rachel and Dave went to see (and LOVED) the stage production of "The Lion King".

The last couple of years, the program went on hiatus. No one could decide where to go, schedules didn't work out . . . always something. Well, they finally decided to get going again. Melanie and Roxanne chose a double date with Dad and off they went to Disneyland!
They went crazy! All day long, I was getting text messages and phone pictures of their shenanigans. They arrived the first minute Disneyland opened in the morning and left at night at the last possible moment. Roxanne met up with her friend Alyx who was there with her family. A fun "bonding" day for all. Roxanne didn't have any time off from school so she had to fly back home and Dave and Melanie went another 2 days. It was exhausting just hearing about their trip. Fortunately, they had a Sunday in the middle of their amusement marathon to rest up for more action.


Katie said...

Way too much fun. Your girls are incredibly beautiful. They both look so much older than the last time I saw them a year and a half ago. Fun tradition.

Bandanamom said...

I adore Disneyland. I could go every year! How fun.

Heidi said...

What a great tradition! My dad tried to start that as well and I think we only ended up taking 1 outing. I chose to go horseback riding. All day was TOO LONG for someone who wasn't accustomed to riding horses often. My dad, who grew up on a cattle farm, laughed at me hobbling around the next day. Why don't horse saddles have padding???

Anonymous said...

What a terrific slide show! Very cute. So. When the "mice are at play"...what are you doing? I wanna go, too. Not to Disneyland. But whatever the mom is doing at home while the rest of the crew is gone!

Do you plan something out of the ordinary? Do you stay up all night sewing or working on a fun project you haven't pulled out of the drawer for years? Do you go OUT to the movies with the girl friends? Do you make a batch of cookie dough and eat all of it raw without worrying about who will see you doing it? Do you dress up Kip in little doggie outfits or what -?

Cynthia said...

Rachel and I had a lovely weekend. We slept in, we stayed in our jammies, we went to lunch. I stayed up WAY late watching movies. Really -- a few days of that sort rival a trip to Disneyland anyday.