Friday, December 26, 2014

overheard on a road trip

I think someone had a little crush on Brady:
Aleah:  "Somebody looked at me."
Chelsea: "Who?"
Aleah: "That boy."
Chelsea: "Brady?"

Aleah: "I'm threeeee."
"Brady is Twenty Six."
Aleah: "Then I'm Twenty threeeeee!"

We just got back to the house, Aleah didn't want to lay down for a nap. She wanted to go back to the kitchen to get a drink.  "That boy didn't look at me.  He has his ear phones on"  (she didn't want a drink, she wanted to see Brady)

Melanie, shopping for shoes in a Utah mall: "I don't know what size these shoes are. Size 39?? Do they use the metric system in Utah?"
Salesman: "It's European."
Melanie: "I think they just want girls to feel fat."

Apparently someone has built teeter totters in the streets of Utah. Drive with caution.

"This is weird, I've seen 2 different people vomiting on the side of the road in one hour"

Who is selling my car seat covers?

The highlight of our trip was hanging out with this family:

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