Saturday, November 30, 2013

a typical day

Although a typical day doesn't usually include a funeral, most days include something unexpected.  Is it just us or does everyone have lives that are 70% planned and 30% roll with the punches?
Earlier this month, a typical day included:

  • Business billing - we try to get our invoicing out at least once a week. Most of the time I can get that accomplished.
  • An hour drive to Queen Creek for a family funeral, wonderful service, visiting with family and old friends.
  • A stop at the LDS Distribution center for some supplies.
  • Home depot - Dave needed staples, I ended up sneaking $60 of wedding decoration supplies on his purchase along with the staples.
  • Find Industrial wire spools for wedding decoration. Dave thought he had found a place that we could get some free ones - so while we were driving together we stopped and looked for some.
  • Finish the Business billing.
  • SAS - this is a crazy store.  I needed some ribbon, but I am always fascinated with all the other crazy things they sell
  • Dinner - nothing fancy because I have not been doing much cooking this month (sorry family).
  • E-Mails - a hundred messages to all our family and many friends coordinating wedding activities
  • Wedding crafts - there has been something to work on or something to make every single evening.
  • Lists - I make lists for the next day regularly. It doesn't make me more efficient in any way whatsoever. But I religiously make lists. 

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