Thursday, June 6, 2013


Savannah: You want to go Spelunking?
Melanie:  Is that spooning funkily?
Savannah: No, it's cave exploring.

Jonny: looking at Roxanne's tiny feet , and said randomly in the middle of a game "Sometimes I don't know how those things hold you up!"

There is this water at Denny's called 'Happy Water'.  It has lemons and cucumbers in it.
So at Relief Society, they had water with oranges, mint leaves, strawberries.
Savannah:  This is better than Happy Water!
Melanie:  This is Ecstatic Water!

I painted a mistake on a canvas banner I was working on.
Dave - it just needs a little white out.
Rachel - You can't put white out on here - it's not white.
Kyle - Do you have any beige out?

We've had a gigantic gummy bear in our freezer for the whole 2 year Kyle was on his mission. He was laughing that we had kept it.  Wondering what to do with it now -  "I'm thinking about cutting it into strips,  batter and deep fry it."

"I didn't think I would be so busy this summer. I've been spending so much time traveling to and fro."
"I'm sorry, what? Did you just say 'to and fro'?"
"What's wrong with that?"
"Nothing, it just sounds so 18th century."
"Didn't you know I'm very proper?"

Melanie: Hayden cut my hair last night. Lets just say there are more cons than pros about how it looks, .. . . but it will grow out. Forever on though, I trust you and the people of Great Clips with scissors.

A friend was stuck at the airport for many, many hours.  Apparently, there was some confusion between a.m. and p.m. on the ticket.
Melanie, on phone to her friend:  Go find someone to talk to on this Sabbath morning, maybe you can find someone preaching up on a soap box, or maybe a Hairy Christian. (ummm . . . that's Hare Krishna, Melanie!)

Melanie, talking about her flip flops. "The size I usually get looked borderline small, so I got a bigger size, but now they look HUGE. But if I walk fast all the time, no one will notice."

Photographer at the open house, taking a lot of random photos of Melanie and Dave: You guys take 'candid' to a whole new level!

Rachel: Tourism commercial on TV, "They're making Nevada look fun. I don't know how"

Melanie and Hayden on Facebook:
Holy Moley!
Ew . . . What's a holy moley? Is that like a Hail Mary? But . . . Not?  Or is it what they call the operations for removing moles. 'Scalpell! I'm going for the holy moley guys!'
'Good Luck Doctor!'
Melanie: another reason why we are dating.  You understand where I be coming from like ALL THE TIME!

Mom, you are really good at driving up close to the ATM.
I know, I'm good at the mail box slot at the Post Office too. It's one of my secret talents.
No, I think it's your Super Power!


Lauri said...

You guys are hilarious!!!!

Robyn said...

Your family is hilarious. I want to hear all about how camp went! Maybe lunch soon?