Friday, June 29, 2012


It's our anniversary so we're going out on the town tonight. I'm a little concerned about how old we're getting. We've got tickets to a show that starts at 7:00. Working backwards from that time, we have to pick up our tickets at 6:30. There is a bit of travel time between locations of the restaurant and the show, so we are going to eat at 5:00.  That means Dave needs to be home and ready by 4:30. Something just seems wrong with that.  Being ready to go on a date at 4:30 reeks of "Early Bird Senior Citizen's Blue Plate Special". Also, there is the fact that we will probably be home by 9:30. Sad.
The other issue with us going out is that our kids usually start acting fishy as we are preparing to leave - "Have fun and DON'T HURRY HOME!"  I don't know what goes on when we're gone.  Maybe that is for the best. 
I have been married 27 years today. Dave has been in my life longer than he has not been in my life. That is a good thing.  He is a good man. I kind of like him.


Roxanne Hale said...

This is SO precious!!! You look beautiful in this picture, Mom!!

p.s. You will never know what goes on when you leave the house..mwaha. In all actuality, they were probably watching movies and sitting around being lazy. Let's be honest.

Kasia Cook said...

I love you guys! Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!

Suzanne Barker said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! And that means I have known you guys about 29 or so years! pretty cool