Sunday, April 1, 2012

april fool's day

I forgot it was April Fool's Day today until I spotted a photo on Facebook. My cousin drew mustaches on her girls before they woke up this morning. Hilarious!
By the time I realized what day it was, it was too late to buy supplies - scrape out the filling of oreos and fill with toothpaste, clear nail polish on all the bars of soap, filled donuts full of mayonnaise etc.
Since we had already discussed our April 1st failure, we only had Roxanne to pull a prank on. She called and was on her way. The girls and I had 20 minutes to prepare. All we could think of was to mess with her lunch. We filled bags of popcorn to enjoy during conference. The roach covered baggies weren't as realistic as we'd hoped. We got a chuckle out of her, but not any screams. Melanie salted her bowl of chocolate pudding. That was a tasty surprise. She was gagging on her way to the kitchen sink with her mouth full of "this pudding tastes like ocean!".
That was it. It was the best we could do. Next year I will be prepared.
We enjoyed a relaxing day. We loved conference. The weather was perfect, we had all our doors and windows open all day. Then we stopped by the park to fly kites and go for a walk for a few minutes. We ended the day with waffles for dinner and visiting with some neighbors. It was a great day. Wish we had more days like this.

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Lauri said...

sounds like the perfect day to me!