Monday, March 26, 2012


Melanie has been involved in an exchange program with some students from Hermosillo, Mexico. The program is through the High School and in conjunction with Phoenix Sister Cities. She visited Mexico in January for a few days, and the Hermosillo students visited Phoenix this month. I thought Melanie was excited for her trip in January, but she seemed to be equally excited to see her new friends again this month. There were a few boys in the program, but as you can see from the pictures, they were ignored by this crazy group of girls. They have become friends forever. This is just a small portion of the group. There were 26 students that came. We prepared our home for their visit. This beautiful young girl, Rocio, stayed with us. But as it turned out (and we should have known) they were so busy the whole time they were in town we hardly saw them at all. The group went to a spring training baseball game, shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square, a day trip to Sedona for hiking and shopping, a slumber party at one of the girl's homes, out to lunch, a half day at school, a prom fashion show, etc etc.
We did get to take the girls out to eat one night. We went to Melanie's favorite restaurant "Rainforest Cafe". We also spent a little time at home on Sunday afternoon. Dave and Rocio made a batch of homemade bread for her to take home with her the next morning.
All in all, it was a fun visit. I was glad Melanie got to participate. Her spanish language skills improved, but most of all - new friends were made.
Come again, Rocio!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool, good for her and all of you!