Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lake trillium

Early Sunday morning, the day after Kevin's memorial service, we drove about an hour out of the Portland area to a favorite spot of Kevin's - Lake Trillium. I was walking and talking with my niece as we were walking the short distance from the parking lot down to the lake. It was a narrow pathway thick with trees, then all of a sudden it opened up to this breathtaking view. And I seriously mean "breathtaking". Allison and I both stopped in mid-sentence as we saw this beautiful scene - gorgeous green hills, Mount Hood in the background (still snow covered in August) and a lake that was so still it was a mirror. This was a favorite place that Kevin liked to come and sit and enjoy the scenery. I think we'd all like to come and sit here regularly.

We spent some time here remembering Kevin. We sent some flowers out in the water and took some time just enjoying the cool air and the beautiful scene. We were there fairly early in the morning. There were a couple fishermen far off, and we saw a lone jogger, but basically had the place to ourselves. Lovely!A little later, we found a picnic table and built a fire (yes, it was cool enough for a fire . . . a foreign concept for us in AZ in the summer) and sat to visit and enjoy each other's company for an hour or two. It was fun to swap stories and memories about Kevin and his many adventures. Some I had heard before, some were new stories, all were hilarious. Dave's cousin, Karen, lives up in that area. We have enjoyed her over the years. She attended college in Phoenix years ago and has always been a favorite cousin. And of course, it's nice to spend time with Grandpa.

Kevin, you will be missed.

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