Saturday, July 16, 2011


Song on the radio - "Is this Prince? Oh, I'm going to play this at my wedding. NO, better yet, . . . at my funeral!"
"I want someone to pose me before I get buried."
Me: "What, . . . you want someone to sit you up in your coffin as you are wheeled into the church?"
"No, just secretly pose me before I go into the ground. A dance pose so I can be resurrected and come back into the world. . . . dancing!"

"I was staring at him hardcore with my peripheral vision."

"I still have your Blue Cross/ Blue Windshield card in my wallet."

Text conversation Friday night:
Me: River trip is on for tomorrow if you want to start making plans
Melanie: WaHoo!! Okay :)
Me: Tell your sisters and tell me what to plan and take and do
Melanie: Okay. Leave at 8:15. Can we have water bottles, Fresca, baby carrots, and Ritz crackers for snacks?
Me: Yes to all. But Fresca?
Melanie: It's a drink. Just a suggestion
Me: I know it's a drink. It's just a weirdly specific request.
Melanie: haha. Well they are weirdly delicious. OOh!! & those Oatmeal pie things ;) you're the best mom.
Melanie: Also for snacks: grapes from Fresh and Easy.

(I catered to most of her list, but making an extra trip to Fresh and Easy was not going to happen. I'm still not quite sure why their grapes are different from grapes that are sold at every other store in town. But we did have weirdly delicious Fresca, generic grapes and oatmeal pie things.)

Mothers Day notes, written on hearts and taped up all over the house:

You're the woman with the brains,
You do everything including removing all stains.

mom =

If you died, we would all die.
But thankfully you're not dead.

When times are tough
and being a Mom is hard,
you can look at this
and pretend it's a really nice card.


Lauri said...

oh Melanie...what would we do without her? (Not laugh as much, for sure!)

...and I agree with her about Fresca. I drink soda maybe 4 times a year but Fresca is always my soda of choice.

LittleMrsWhipple said...

i love this! and i wouldnt mind coming back into the world dancing either!

Cathy said...

Love it! What an adorable girl!

Suzanne Barker said...

I love the posing thing. Her brain works in a very unique and fun way!

MamaChef (JM) said...

This sounds like my youngest. She can say the quirkiest things!