Saturday, December 26, 2009

overheard while unwrapping presents:

From Meloonie
From Melanizzle
From B-dizzle
To Mama-cita
To Foxy Roxie
To Blady
To Cindy Lou
To Daddy-O
Rooooooxxxxaaannnne (sung at the top of our voices)
"I really like these" "wow, . . . you sound surprised!"
Peeking into a card "I see 'Borders' "
"Wow, you wrapped this yourself?"
"I was jealous of all he people that had this. Now the jealousy is gone."
"It's the book I wanted" "What is it?" "It's a dorky book, but it's the one I wanted."
"Is this really true? Is this happening? Am I seeing Nikes?"
"And it comes with a hot Safety Vest" (roadside safety kit)
"You can always count on mom to get us underwear."
Opening a huge box: "I'm guessing a pogo stick" "a candy bar" "a rifle" "a lifesize barbie"
"Doggie candy canes for Lexie!"
Dave opened an ENORMOUS candy bar - Cynthia:"who gave that to you?" Dave: "me!"
"It's double wrapped, for good luck"
Pulling a dress out of a box with a belt cinched tight. "Is your waist really that small?"
"Jerk!" unwrapping a box that was sealed shut with yards and yards of packing tape.


Katie said...

I always look forward to when my kids are the age of yours. I can only hope my home is as fun as yours. I love when you share the funny things your family says.

The best Christmas comment at our house?

Parker: I'll show you the North Pole! (Then he mooned us.)

Lauri said...

I wonder if I had written everyting down if anything would have been this funny. I doubt it.

Lindsey said...

MAN I love your family.