Sunday, October 11, 2009

the good, the bad and the funny

Suzanne and I could write about our vacation and it would be exactly the same. We went to the same places and pointed our cameras at the same points of interest. If you ever want to stay in the most beautiful bed and breakfast and be treated better than you've ever been treated and fed better than you've ever been fed, read Suzanne's post about the Ferry Point House .

Here is an overall summary of our trip:

Good things about the New England States:
#1 It is gorgeous. #2 So many things for tourists to do, you just cant get to it all. #3 Light rains and wisps of fog were beautiful.
#4 The lakes were breathtaking. This picture was taken just outside our hotel room. I could have just enjoyed the week from right here:
Or maybe just lounged in bed and enjoyed this view from the window:
#5 I learned a lot of our country's history that took place in this area. Fort Ticonderoga , Old Sturgridge Village , and the Canterbury Shaker Village . #6 Interesting local restaurants and markets .
#7 There are a lot of old, quaint church steeples, covered bridges, and barns.
#8 Very clean states, no litter or weeds along the roads or anywhere really.
#9 Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Necco (New England Confection Co), and King Arthur Flour are based in this area.

#10 Fudge is sold at every counter and at every cash register in every store, gift shop and restaurant.
Bad things about the New England States:
#1 Fudge is sold everywhere!
#2 There were no garbage cans. Seriously, New Hampshire is devoid of garbage cans. Where do the people of this very clean state throw away their garbage? All I wanted to do was toss my milk carton and banana peel and it took all day to find a single garbage can. It really is a "Pack it in, Pack it out" state.
#3 Very few chain stores, chain restaurants or fast food stores in the rural towns. It took all day to spot a Walgreen's which you can find on any corner in AZ.
#4 Fog. It blocked our view from the top of Prospect Mountain where on a clear day, you should be able to see 5 states.
#6 The mileage information signs and speed limit signs were few and far between. (yet the mile markers were posted every 2/10ths of a mile. I have no idea why.)
#7 Numbered highways merge and overlap quite often making navigating from a map difficult.
#8 The Appalachian Trail is pretty darned tricky.
Funny things about New England:
#1 There are signs to warn drivers about moose and bears.
#2 Funny names:
#3 There are dead people EVERYWHERE! These old little cemeteries are along every road. #4 Specialized yogurt flavors. #5 Fall visitors are referred to as "Leaf Peepers" #6 Favorite saying on a T-shirt:
What happens in Vermont, stays in Vermont.
(But nothing ever really happens here.)
The worst thing about our vacation, it had to end . . . goodbye Boston. It was a great week.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photots, loved your analysis! What a fun trip! Hope you all can take me next time!

Suzanne Barker said...

Great Summary Cindy! It was fun, sigh. Too bad it's over.