Thursday, July 9, 2009

polynesian cultural center

Sorry, a few more vacation posts. We spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie. It's right next to the BYU campus and most of the employees/entertainers are students working their way through college. There are students from all over the Pacific Islands and from many Asian countries. It's a great system. Rachel spent a summer semester there 3 years ago. Sadly, there aren't many jobs for a white girl from Arizona. You kind of have to look the part and be able to hula. . . . and I think it's a pretty solid fact that our family can't hula.We arrived there when the center opened at noon and we were about the last ones out at the end of the evening. There were different villages to visit, a floating parade of dancers on the lagoon, a luau, and a big evening show, and of course, shopping.
But Melanie's favorite activity was finding the big Samoan/Tongan/Hawaiian men to take photos with.
Although, I have a suspicion that this kid is not authentic, just a white boy from . . . Massachusetts maybe:
The LDS temple is next door, but it is closed this year for renovations. The lights weren't even on in the evening. So the best we could do was pose by the sign on our way home.


Anonymous said...

A great vacation to remember! Lee got to go there on the summer he picked pineapples and always talks about going back, I wish!

Cynthia said...

I remember lots of teenage boys going to Hawaii to pick pineapples during the summer when we were in High school. I haven't heard of that for years. I wonder who picks them now??

Bandanamom said...

I remember a lot of teenage mormon boys going to Alaska to can fish also...I wonder who cans the fish now?

This looks like such a fun vacation! I'm glad you guys got to do this!

Jonsie Files said...

Looks like you guys had ALOT of fun! I wish I was really part of your fam so I could have gone! haha.
Love all the pictures too!

oh yeah this is Jen in case you didnt know. I made a new blog!

Jen Jones

Christie said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who posted a ton about Hawaii. How can you not? It's so perfect. It's killing me to be home now.