Wednesday, April 29, 2009

we're all such introverts

There are some traits, interests, hobbies and passions I like to claim that I have passed on to our kids. However, being on stage IS NOT something I like or have ever liked. So, where do our kids get their stage presence?
hmmm . . . I wonder. . .
Here's Dave. He's not on the front row, so you have to look for him, kind of "Where's Waldo" style.

Then there is Rachel. Her piano teacher coerced her to enter a competition on a county wide community college level. She didn't want to, but relented. She tied for first place in the piano division, got to perform at the Herberger Theater downtown and received a check for $300. Go figure!

Here is the sad thing. Right before Rachel performed, there was a very specific announcement to the audience that there should be no pictures taken, copyright laws blah, blah, blah. Well, I surmised that Beethoven's copyrights have well passed their expiration dates and by definition a video is not a "picture". Nevertheless, I was afraid one of the elderly woman theater hostesses would seize my camera and put me in cuffs so I sort of hid the camera close in front of me. The camera's focus feature captured the silhouette of the head in front of me therefore I didn't realize it wasn't focused on Rachel whatsoever so she was left in a complete video blur. Sorry Rachel.
Afterwards, she had to sign some autographs for her fans (well, her aunts . . . but sometimes aunts are the best kind of fans).
Next there is Melanie. She never shuns the spotlight. She's always the first to take front and center stage. She's probably most like Dave. Her partner in crime here is her "other" sister, Rachel. Those two are practically conjoined twins - and I'm glad they are such good friends. They are good for each other.

Roxanne made a video the same night as Melanie at the talent show. She's got some mad acting skills, but just prefers that I don't blast it across my blog. It was actually kind of funny. They dressed as a tribute rap band and spoofed Melanie and Rachel's act. But on an unrelated topic, doesn't she look so cute heading off to prom? Last but not least - Brady is a boy after my own heart. He stays out of the limelight at all costs. The last video we took of him performing for the camera was, oh . . . probably 3rd grade.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a small enough camera to get the videos! Wow I knew Rachel was talented by all that people said, but this was the first time I got to hear her! She is faboulously terrific! Not only talented, but her expression was great! She and Brandon ought to get together to play some great piece! I love Dave's "barbershop" stuff, that was an incredible headstand by the wheelchair guy! the talent show act was very cute and funny! So much fun with all the going ons with your family, I guess you all just "Smile" all the time! Oh and yes Roxanne looks very adorable!

Megan said...

What a wonderfully talented family!

Lindsey said...

Dangit! I'm so mad that you posted Mel's video before me! Lol.

I am also mad that I missed Rachel's concert! I needed a reminder call (like I do for everything in my life). :( She sounded so amazing. I am insanely jealous of her talent- especially her ability to memorize pieces like that. Incredible.

Roxanne looks gorgeous (as always). Her dress was beautiful.

I found Dave right away- even though he was slightly better hidden than Waldo. His group is AWESOME!

Your family is so awesome. Can you adopt me?

Heidi said...

I can't stop laughing. Mel and Rachel totally crack me up - even the way they pronounce their words is classic!

two forks said...

i am so glad you recorded mel and ray's rap... i have been hearing about this rap for a while so i'm glad i could witness it! gracias.

Lauri said...

Where do I start?! I was so glad that I got to see Rachel's live performance. She is amazing--so confident and poised in front of a huge audience.

Mel's rap made me laugh. That girl's hilarious. I would have loved to seen Roxanne's spoof. thanks for posting her prom pictures though. She looks beautiful.

Suzanne Barker said...

Fun! I finally got to see this entry. Rachel is fabulous. How fun to have raised such poised confident kids! Good for you!