Friday, November 21, 2008

random thoughts

Random thoughts running through my head:
#1 Last night's "Survivor" episode was a classic! The meanest, crabbiest contestant ever got voted out in the trickiest blind-sided vote. Usually the show is edited so the audience doesn't really know how the vote will play out. But this was a hilarious twist of events and the producers just let it play out like it happened. Laugh-out-loud funny.
#2 Roxanne and Rachel went to the midnight showing of "Twilight". (who didn't?) Roxanne could go on the condition that she still make it to seminary at 6:15 am. I think she got less than 3 hours of sleep. As it turns out, she got up and left on time this morning, nearly fell asleep on the 10 minute drive, and stayed in her car and slept in the parking lot at the church. Oh well, nice try.
#3 Seminary students can be bribed to read their scriptures. We had a big hot breakfast reward day this morning. Waffles with a million toppings, hot chocolate, milk, juice and fresh fruit. Is bribery appropriate? I don't know. But waffles or not, it comes down to the fact that teenagers are reading the New Testament.
#4 As I started my hike this morning, I had to walk through a picnic area to get to the trail head. As I walked by an older couple sitting at the picnic table, I startled about 100 birds. Yikes. I'll tell you what, they weren't the only ones that were startled. I was not expecting that. These people were feeding the birds. I was a little worried to have to come back to the car later in the morning. It looked like they had about 7 loaves of bread and a 3 gallon bucket of bird seed. It was all a little too Alfred Hitchcock horror movie to me.
#5 The hiking trails guide map should have a little bit more information on it. I got on a trail up and over North Mountain this morning. I realized that although the trail was rated "moderate to difficult", it should have been rated "WAY difficult with a teeny bit of moderate thrown in for fun". I felt like a shaky mountain goat on a precipice. I made it to the top but wasn't exactly sure how (or if) I would get down. Luckily, I found this on the other side of the mountain:
Thank the heavens above. A paved maintenance road. I got down off that mountain in about 2 seconds.
#6 There is a cute little family of squirrels that live in the rocks at the lookout point at the top of the mountain. Aw, how cute . . . until I suddenly saw about 19 of them and they were all over the place and they weren't afraid of people and they kept coming within about 2 feet of my shoes. EWWWW - Rodents - creepy.
#7 Sometimes this scenery, living in the desert, is pretty to me. Sometimes it is not. Today? It is absolutely breathtaking.

#8 Roxanne falls asleep very often after school. I certainly knew she would today because of the midnight movie. For some unknown reason, she always sleeps sideways in the recliner instead of on the couch, on her bed or even stretched out on the floor. Ok, she's tiny, but sleeping bent up in a ball just doesn't look comfortable.
#9 We are going to start window painting next week. I am dreading it a little bit. I always do. But once we get started and get back in the groove, it's enjoyable. Maybe there will be good stories to tell. Well, there are always good stories to be told when you hang out with Shannon for any amount of time. (Just most of it can't be retold.)
#10 Life is good today. The end.


Lauri said...

I love your random-ness!

Way to go on the hike. My question is: when you walked down the paved path, weren't you on the wrong side of the mountain?

Katie said...

Good post. The various thoughts made for good reading. That view was lovely. Nice work for making it to the top of that tough climb. And aren't those chipmunks? Or are Arizona squirrels even uglier than Texas squirrels? Regardless, a rodent is a rodent is a rodent. I am looking forward to the window painting season. Inevitably it produces great stories.

Suzanne Barker said...

Cindy, I tried to call you last night to talk about Survivor but you were at a Girl Scout thing. Wasn't it great! I loved the look on everyone's faces. From the folks who thought they were putting one over on them, to the folks who really were putting one over on them. It was great! Sugar and Bob between did a great job. I think Bob was a little regretful though.
I'm ready for a hike Monday and was wondering what you thought about the morning after Thanksgiving?

Cynthia said...

You are right Katie, they were chipmonks (or chickmonks as the kids used to call them). I wrote that without even thinking about what they really were. They were just gross.
And Suzanne, Monday morning would be great. The day after Thanksgiving I will be painting though. sorry.

Cathy said...

Fun, fun, fun! So what does everyone think of the "Twilight" movie? The guy on channel 3 didn't like it. I'm glad you take your camera and share the scenery!

Bandanamom said...

How funny - I sort of wrote a 'random thoughts' post just now on my blog without having read yours yet.

Maybe I will have to come hang out for a while one day while you guys are painting in mine it for a shando blog post!

Heidi said...

I think the first time I read the B of M, there was some sort of a bribe involved. :) I wish someone would reward me with a yummy breakfast or treat now...but I guess that is not the point nor the best thing to get out of consistent scripture study.

amelia said...

I used to love Survivor. Love as in when it first came out X years ago. I have not watched it probably since season 3 and have heard awesome things about this one. I need to get back into it.

Ha, yeah, I'm with you on the recliner. I cannot sleep in a ball...I need my space!