Thursday, June 19, 2008

plowing asphalt

We had a rushed Father's day celebration on Sunday. It lasted about 4 1/2 minutes before we had to get in the car and leave town. Dave opened a few gifts, we snapped a few pictures and called it a party. Rick from "Organized Doodles" provided a great gift for us. He did an illustration of Dave scooting around town on his beloved tractor. I love the souped up engine and flames. (I think in his mind, Dave thinks he is really zooming along.)Isn't that cool? Check out Rick's blog here ! He does a lot of fun artwork.
Thanks Rick, Dave loves it and shows your picture to everyone that walks in our door.
and Happy Father's Day Dave!!

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Rick said...

Cynthia, Thanks for the post on your blog. It looks really good and I LOVE the photo. I'll be putting a link on my blog to yours just as soon as I get a chance - busy weekend for me.

I am SOOO glad that Dave like the illustration. It was a very fun one to make.

The wife is in Mesa at the moment - she's updating me on the lovely weather you're having. Try to stay cool.