Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I don't get the weather lately. I was up in Utah a couple weeks ago. On Wednesday night in Provo, I drove throught this: And the next day, I would have very much enjoyed an outfit like this:Unfortunately, I had packed my "it's the month of May already, and I come from the desert" outfit. It was so cold out, I spent some free time indoors doing this:While I was enjoying the BYU Museum of Art, I ran across this:
Remember Seth and Maurine Horne? I thought it was cool to run across their names in the museum.

On Friday, I was enjoying this:
The flowers seemed to have survived the snow flurry. The weather had warmed up and my short-sleeved shirt was absolutely fine. I enjoyed walking around the campus all day long.
It is always fun to be up at Women's Conference. I went with my cousin (well, Dave's cousin) from Washington. We had a great time there and kept busy from sun up until way late into the night. Who wants to go next year?
Our weather has been weird here at home, too. We barely made it to Easter weekend without the air conditioning to cool off our sweltering house in the afternoons, but as I am sitting here over a month later, I am almost shivering.
I got a text message from Brady today. He said "Look what we woke up to this morning!"



Lauri said...

I know...I'm still sleeping with my window open at night and last night I pulled out a blanket (I had already taken it off the bed for summer). I'm not complaining though. I'll take the cool weather for as long as I'm able. The only problem is that the pool isn't warming up yet.

Shando said...

Lez and I want to go next time.

Why do you go with everyone you know and some you don't really know instead of just asking us to go? You know your guarenteed the best time you've ever had... are you afraid of that?

Cynthia said...

Ms. Shando - it's a date!
Just to clear the record, I have never invited anyone to go to women's conference. I never seem to plan any trips at all. However, I am so very popular, apparently, that I often get invited to go - all the time . . . like 3 times in the last 11 years!! So as of right now, I am putting utah on my calendar for next year. WooHoo!

Shando said...

So when is this fun trip to Utah!

Do they have one of those Mormon things in San Diego or London?