Saturday, January 5, 2008

out of control wish lists

More wish lists showed up on the fridge over the holidays. They are usually expected, but one in particular couldn't be avoided: "DRUM SET" in bold, earthquake style lettering.
I guess the list worked. I will try this method next year.
Rachel went off to Mexico - involved in a humanitarian project. She helped package and distribute food and coats and blankets and toys. She spent Christmas Eve among the homeless and near homeless. She missed Christmas eve and Christmas morning here at home. When she got home mid-day on Christmas, she shared with us her incredible experiences. There were many families giving up their holiday to serve those less fortunate.

Therefore, I was a bit embarassed about our haul on Christmas morning.
Dave's dad spent most of the month with us. He doesn't much like living alone, but does get along pretty well. He spends most of his summers in his enormous garden and then gives most of the produce away to friends and neighbors. He realizes if he doesn't stay active, he won't stay mobile and self sufficient so he still works very hard. During the winter, he spends time at each of his son's homes. It's nice to have him here and nice for the kids to get to know him better. He has lived an incredible life.
Melanie left him a "welcome to my room" message when he came and he left this sweet letter for her when he left.


Shando said...

Glad to see your back in blog mode, I have missed your fine work. Aaahhh...look how cute Brady is!

Where is the photo with the Mama in it. Many many years ago you told me that no matter how ugly or huge I thought I looked, that I must be in some photos with my family so that someday they could look back and see me. Horrified, I said I didn't want my kids to see how ugly I looked and you informed me that they already did! That cracked me up and so I try to sometimes get my old mug in a photo every now and then.

Cynthia said...

Yikes! did I say that? I do generally believe that photo theory, actually. However, I still don't like to be in photos.

Lauri said...

So Melanie got a drum set, huh? I'm so sorry for you. Although I'm sure she loves it, I have lived in the house with a drummer. YIKES!!!

CaliZona said...

"Inagodadavida", baby! After that I want to hear "Wipe-out".

Cynthia said...

We'll just have to set up an evening of rock and roll for your listening pleasure! We also got Guitar Hero, so the girls are brushing up on their Alice Cooper tunes.