Sunday, December 23, 2007

15 favorite melanie.

I got tagged by my wonderful mother. I'm sure that all of you are happy to hear from me. So here's my 15 favorite things that I like that are favorites. Yep. . . .

NUMERO UNO: I'm sure you're all familiar with a guy by the name of Weird Al. I know, I know...most of you are all jealous, but yes, i have a White and Nerdy sweater. I LOVE IT!!!!! When I first got it, i was freaking out, and i put it on, and it felt soo right. (:

#2: About 2, or 3, or 4 for that matter, years ago...i went to a horse ranch with my girl scout troop, it was right before new years, and while i was gone, surprisingly, my family did a room-makeover to my room, and i FINALLY got carpet, after like 4 years of cruddy looking cement on the ground of my room...ANYWAYS...they got me new sheets for my bed, they painted my dresser really colorful, and so on...soo, to my point...i absolutely adore my dresser. (:

C: okay...i know that its kind of lame, but i have the coolest thing hanging from the ceiling of my room...a disco ball!!!!! HOO-RAH! actually, a while ago, my friend Rachel was at my house, and she and i had music blasting, with a blue light on the disco ball...and..yeah...(BLUE, BY: EIFFEL 65)and we were dancing all we do, and that is a great memory with my disco ball. (:
4: My fancy pants! they are the BOMB! I LOVE THEM probably even more than the t.v.(i know, that's deep...)

5:BAHAHA!!! i just realized that instead of 3, i put C... i am soo weird. ANYWAYS... my friend Ninabah gave me a backpack about a month after school started, and the backpack that i owned before the one she gave me was okay...but the one Ninabah gave me was a Jansport backpack, which I've always wanted, and she heard that i wanted one, so she turned around to me, and said she had an extra one that she didn't like, so now i have the ultimate backpack!!!

6: MUSIC...where the heck would we be without music? no dancing alone in your car or anything! life would be a disaster! I like listening to music, and getting a good workout from dancing with the beat from the music of the song. By the way...i don't know why, but if I'm ever at my friend Rachel's house, and we start dancing to music, i actually learn all of my moves from her.

7: I know it sounds like a bomb, but i don't know if i could live without my alarm clock. (: its kind of a habit sort of thing, cause every single time i turn over when I'm sleeping, i look at my alarm clock...i don't know why, but i do..... OKAY! I'm guessing you're all wondering why i say it sounds like a bomb...when my alarm clock goes off, it is sort of quiet at first, and its repeating beeps, and than after a certain number of beeps, the sound gets louder, and louder, and faster!!!! and the worst thing is, is that its battery powered!!!! UGH! and so one day, when i was REALLY tired, and my alarm clock went off, i couldn't open my eyes, because i was soo tired, and i couldn't find the off button, so with all the strength in my body(at 6 in the morning i might add)i pulled that sucker right out of the wall...BUT IT KEPT GOING!!!! i finally had to force my angry eyes open, and i turned it off...(:

8:Along with my room-makeover, my mom made me a collage of myself, all of the crazy pictures of my face, and some weird, and cute pictures./..but their all pretty much atrocious. (:

9: so, I'm dog-sitting my neighbors dogs while they're in Mexico, and the lady pre-paid me... WITH ONE-HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! OKAY, NOT JUST ONE-HUNDRED DOLLARS, BUT A ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!!!!!!!! it was the happiest days of my life when i was gifted to receive such a great gift. (:

10: a LONG while back, our family did not own a dishwasher. DUM DUM DUMMMMM! i know, its heart dropping, but it happened, and don't you worry, cause we survived and had to hand wash EVERYTHING! i was tough. its all good now...its all good. (:

11: it might not look like much, but its just a little something i threw together...................................................................................................KIDDING!!!! i got it from my my neighbors yard sale for 1 dollar...but when i got it, i tried to get everyone in my family to believe that i painted it... ummm, yeah, that didn't work out too sister Rachel believed me for about a week, and then i finally broke down, and told her the the good girl i am... (:

12: a few months after my room-makeover, there was a book shelf thing in our loft (the part upstairs next to the main part of upstairs) and since my room is all colorful, we put it in my room, and i keep all of my books in(on?) it, and if you look closely, you can see my action figure of buzz lightyear on the middle shelf, in about the middle of the shelf.

13: i love a fresh piece of gum, after a nasty after taste of something i recently ate. Gum is one of my friends in life. (: its always nice to get gum as a gift...{*hint . hint*}(:

14: i like my family. i know they should be one of my first on this here list, but there's no life without a family.
15: THE MOVIE HITCH!!!!!!!! need less to say, its a great movie. i HIGHLY recommend it! if you haven't seen it, rent it, and watch it!!!


Suzanne said...

Gosh Mel, I thought I knew you! Now I know you lots better! Thanks for sharing,

Katie said...

That sounds like the ultimate room makeover. you have a very nice family.

we just got a dishwasher, too. I completely understand why that made it to your top 15 list. I should have put it on mine.

rachel said...

Melanie, you are the most awesomest person I know.

And I never believed you! I just let it go for a while until you gave up...